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    Modern Holistic Alchemy

    a Division of Life Energy research

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    Unite Eastern and Western Practices

    Through our extensive research and development we have united both ancient and modern wellness into a single system.

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    Professional and Personal Use

    Choose to use SAF for your own development or for use with others. Both Objective and Subjective methods are available!

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    Transform your Life!

    Unite physics, chemistry, and hermetic principals to transform your worldview and increase your knowledge of Self and the human experience.

    We are the official site for Training of the Self Awareness Formulas (SAF®️) of Joseph R Scogna and Kathy Scogna.

    Our goal is to provide you with a clear and concise method for learning the system and for developing the skills needed to advance into a career with SAF. 

    Courses are currently being developed. Please sign up to begin enrollment for Summer 2022 

    And stay current as we release the free courses relating to SAF®️ and more!