Institute for Modern Holistic Alchemy

About Us

The Institute for Modern Holistic Alchemy was started in 2022 by the children of Kathy and Joseph R. Scogna, Jr. as a division of Life Energy Publications. The sole objective of the new institute is to provide online access to the proper training in the SAF system as originally developed by Joseph R. Scogna, Jr.

The Institute is the only official online training site for the Self Awareness Formulas (SAF). These courses are solely based upon the original material as developed by Joseph R. Scogna, Jr.

As an extension of Life Energy Publications, the Institute further extends the goals and mission of Life Energy Publications by disseminating the research and training of SAF.

But the Institute doesn’t stop there!

Who We Are….

Aside from our exclusive SAF Training program (still in development), we continually gather insightful and meaningful instruction from various thoughtleaders and clinicians creating a rounded curriculum in the alternative medicine, health, and wellness fields of study.

Courses on:

  • Becoming a life coach
  • Starting a business
  • Meditation
  • Trauma recovery
  • Living a balanced life
  • And much more!

We cater to advanced holistic training and want our students to have easy access to the best courses.

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About Our Logo

The meaning behind our logo is inspired by the Life Energy Research Foundation’s cosmology.

The Eagle represents both the unchained spirit and free thought

The Sun represents activated energy and life force

The DNA Sphere represents both physical matter and evolution.

All three exemplify the trinity of consciousness, the three-pronged approach of the SAF holistic wellness program, and a symbolic view of life, Body-Mind-Spirit, as above, so below.

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