Health & Holistic Fitness for a Successful Life & Career

Physical, Mental and Spiritual Fitness are foundation for a Successful Life and Career. Naturally achieve them today!
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Life is not worth living in ignorance. For "Ignorance leads to illness and Wisdom leads to Wellness". Naturally anyone can achieve Holistic Fitness that is very essential for a Successful Life and Career. This course do not guarantee 'extraordinary super-life' after attending these classes. The course is designed for all age groups to attain naturally normal body, mind and soul. Not a below average body with unhealthy weight and lifestyle diseases and lifetime medicines. Attending this course offered by the HealthAshram one can aim to have Physically, Mentally and Spiritually fit life. This inspired and transformed life is possible and necessary.
Students learn practical common sense where by mere ignorance one will not loose health and fitness. The information shared in this course will inspire you to be active and successful.
Internal organ functions and ways to protect their well-being
Will learn how walking, the mother of all exercises, will transform your life for good forever
Natural and simple ways to maintain good health & holistic fitness
Natural ways to get rid of unhealthy weight

Highlights of the Course

1. Learn how to attain Natural Health & Holistic fitness and escape lifestyle diseases and lifetime medicines.

Lifestyle diseases among the general public is increasing. It is estimated that around 50% of the population is living with obesity or unhealthy weight that result in acquiring chronic diseases like cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension and the deadly heart attack. I have not come across even one person who is happy to have acquired these diseases. However many don’t know how to stay away from these lifetime illness and lifetime medicines.

If you drive, you know there is frequent inspection by traffic police to make sure that you have the right licence, pollution control certificate and the tax paid and insurance valid for your vehicle. If you have all these papers in order, you will face the police officer very confidently and if you don’t have them in order, you will panic and end up paying penalty. Same is with our life! if our health is taken care, we can face our days with confidence and courage. It’s important that our health is sustained naturally and HealthAshram is committed to teach anyone who reaches the HealthAshram for guidance and hand-holding.

2. Master the natural way to live healthy & happy

With the growing urbanization and social media obsession, many people live a ‘broiler chicken’ life. ‘Broiler chicken’ is caged and fed processed and packed food and is given compulsory daily medication. Only difference is that broiler chicken is served by its caretaker and the modern human beings unknowingly and voluntarily fall into that ‘broiler chicken’ lifestyle. The characteristic of the broiler chickens are, i) less or no movement, ii) no timing for food/unlimited food/eating more than it can burn, iii) low life expectancy, iv) daily medication to sustain life. Be it chicken or human being, the natural design is to live ‘free’ like a country chicken that has more life expectancy, less sickness, more energy, enjoy natural food and have freedom to walk and run and fly. Its time human beings intentionally leave the ‘broiler chicken life’ and choose the ‘country chicken’ like life to live healthy and happy.

3. Gain wisdom on how to choose Good Food and lead an active life in today’s busy urban life.

“Buy food based on your burning capacity and not based on your buying capacity”. Majority people lose their health because of over eating. A person living in urban context doing chair-bound work for living needs around 1500 calories of energy. Looking at the pace in which majority children are gaining unhealthy weight, it is evident that many are consuming several hundred calories more than one requires. HealthAshram’s mission is to inspire its members to avoid packed, processed, preserved and prepared food. Instead they are taught to choose seasonal, fresh, local vegetables and fruits in their daily choice for food.

How long can we live in ignorance about our own health and fitness? Many are conditioned in an unproductive pattern in life where first the health is ignored and at the prime of their life, start their struggle to regain their health that is already lost. It is not worth loosing good health and start consuming several medicines for diabetes, cholesterol and hypertension and surviving with the fear of getting heart attack anytime in life. In India every 30 seconds a person gets heart attack.

There is a misunderstanding that it is only who are economically poor who are victims of malnutrition. With the growing junk food culture many children from the economically affluent families have also fallen as victims of malnutrition even though they appear ‘healthy’ because of the unhealthy weight they carry. There is too much calories and too little goodness of vitamins and minerals and protein in the majority of the food this generation consumes. Every natural food is already processed by the Mother Nature. Remember ultimately what we eat is soil & manure that is processed either by plants or trees. Soil is processed as vegetables and fruits and nuts and grains with all the ingredients that we human beings should have. Human greed and personal profit resulted in further processing these gifts of our Mother Nature. It’s time we save ourselves from this trap of processed, packed and packed food.

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