SAFent Course | An Introduction to SAF

This Course in a Nutshell

The Introduction to SAF is the first step in the journey to self discovery through the holistic system researched and created by Joseph R. Scogna. This is a Level 1 pre-requisite course for anyone interested in learning how to read an SAF chain for yourself or others. We will go over the history, application, and use of the SAF system.

SAF® training is a most worthwhile journey because it is a study of life energy, on many levels. It teaches us how the mind works and stores events, and how long forgotten traumas and past events are affecting our behavior in the present time. Then, and only when we have understanding and clarity, can we make positive changes.

Questions and Answers
20 minutes

There are many questions that come up when talking about SAF®. We hope this free primer course allows you a view into the system and helps answer any questions you may have. This is the prerequisite course in order to proceed to the Level 1 SAF® training.

SAFent Quiz 1
10 questions

A successful passing grade of 80% opens up the courses associated with Life Energy Research and SAF.

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A note from the Institute Director:

Welcome seekers and healers, thought leaders and therapists, and anyone on the path of Self discovery.

 I always had trouble tackling the shear size of all that SAF encompasses. When I started looking at promoting SAF in 2005 I couldn't zoom in on who best to talk to about it. I thought to go the route of practitioners, chiropractors, alternative healers, etc, but kept running into a break when quantifying SAF into a 30 second elevator pitch.

It lives up to it's intent of being a system for all and that makes short blips about it insufficient.

SAF is a true Holistic system that is usable by every discipline and practice to achieve unity of consciousness and harmony of body, mind, and spirit. 

This says a lot and yet doesn't make the system any more attainable.

In preparing to teach the "What is SAF", it had to be understood that knowing the "What is" wouldn't be enough to help others really grasp the system in totality. But with every Concept there is Energy and Mass. It is through hundreds of hours of listening to seminars from the early 80's that I have formulated a way to translate and mirror my understanding of SAF so that others can again find a path forward, with SAF, on their way to unity and enlightenment.

Thus, the SAFent Course has come to fruition.

The SAFent is one who desires to progress. One who uses SAF as a tool for increased awareness and improvement for their self or others and is engaged in actualizing their potential.

The SAFent course sheds light so that anyone can approach the system of knowledge and will have clarity on what SAF is, what they can do with it, and where SAF will lead them towards. It is the apprentice course and is free and available for anyone interested in using SAF professionally or for personal endeavors.

-Nic Scogna, May 2022

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Enrolled: 6 students
Duration: 1 hour
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Level: Introductory