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Health & Holistic Fitness for a Successful Life & Career

Physical, Mental and Spiritual Fitness are foundation for a Successful Life and Career. Naturally achieve them today!
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Life is not worth living in ignorance. For "Ignorance leads to illness and Wisdom leads to Wellness". Naturally anyone can achieve Holistic Fitness that is very essential for a Successful Life and Career. This course do not guarantee 'extraordinary super-life' after attending these classes. The course is designed for all age groups to attain naturally normal body, mind and soul. Not a below average body with unhealthy weight and lifestyle diseases and lifetime medicines. Attending this course offered by the HealthAshram one can aim to have Physically, Mentally and Spiritually fit life. This inspired and transformed life is possible and necessary.
Students learn practical common sense where by mere ignorance one will not loose health and fitness. The information shared in this course will inspire you to be active and successful.
Internal organ functions and ways to protect their well-being
Will learn how walking, the mother of all exercises, will transform your life for good forever
Natural and simple ways to maintain good health & holistic fitness
Natural ways to get rid of unhealthy weight

Highlights of the Course

1. Learn how to attain Natural Health & Holistic fitness and escape lifestyle diseases and lifetime medicines.

Lifestyle diseases among the general public is increasing. It is estimated that around 50% of the population is living with obesity or unhealthy weight that result in acquiring chronic diseases like cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension and the deadly heart attack. I have not come across even one person who is happy to have acquired these diseases. However many don’t know how to stay away from these lifetime illness and lifetime medicines.

If you drive, you know there is frequent inspection by traffic police to make sure that you have the right licence, pollution control certificate and the tax paid and insurance valid for your vehicle. If you have all these papers in order, you will face the police officer very confidently and if you don’t have them in order, you will panic and end up paying penalty. Same is with our life! if our health is taken care, we can face our days with confidence and courage. It’s important that our health is sustained naturally and HealthAshram is committed to teach anyone who reaches the HealthAshram for guidance and hand-holding.

2. Master the natural way to live healthy & happy

With the growing urbanization and social media obsession, many people live a ‘broiler chicken’ life. ‘Broiler chicken’ is caged and fed processed and packed food and is given compulsory daily medication. Only difference is that broiler chicken is served by its caretaker and the modern human beings unknowingly and voluntarily fall into that ‘broiler chicken’ lifestyle. The characteristic of the broiler chickens are, i) less or no movement, ii) no timing for food/unlimited food/eating more than it can burn, iii) low life expectancy, iv) daily medication to sustain life. Be it chicken or human being, the natural design is to live ‘free’ like a country chicken that has more life expectancy, less sickness, more energy, enjoy natural food and have freedom to walk and run and fly. Its time human beings intentionally leave the ‘broiler chicken life’ and choose the ‘country chicken’ like life to live healthy and happy.

3. Gain wisdom on how to choose Good Food and lead an active life in today’s busy urban life.

“Buy food based on your burning capacity and not based on your buying capacity”. Majority people lose their health because of over eating. A person living in urban context doing chair-bound work for living needs around 1500 calories of energy. Looking at the pace in which majority children are gaining unhealthy weight, it is evident that many are consuming several hundred calories more than one requires. HealthAshram’s mission is to inspire its members to avoid packed, processed, preserved and prepared food. Instead they are taught to choose seasonal, fresh, local vegetables and fruits in their daily choice for food.

How long can we live in ignorance about our own health and fitness? Many are conditioned in an unproductive pattern in life where first the health is ignored and at the prime of their life, start their struggle to regain their health that is already lost. It is not worth loosing good health and start consuming several medicines for diabetes, cholesterol and hypertension and surviving with the fear of getting heart attack anytime in life. In India every 30 seconds a person gets heart attack.

There is a misunderstanding that it is only who are economically poor who are victims of malnutrition. With the growing junk food culture many children from the economically affluent families have also fallen as victims of malnutrition even though they appear ‘healthy’ because of the unhealthy weight they carry. There is too much calories and too little goodness of vitamins and minerals and protein in the majority of the food this generation consumes. Every natural food is already processed by the Mother Nature. Remember ultimately what we eat is soil & manure that is processed either by plants or trees. Soil is processed as vegetables and fruits and nuts and grains with all the ingredients that we human beings should have. Human greed and personal profit resulted in further processing these gifts of our Mother Nature. It’s time we save ourselves from this trap of processed, packed and packed food.

Active life is easy and essential for a physically fit body. Simple tips &tricks


Please complete the Pre-course evaluation. There are 15 simple questions and I encourage you to complete them now. Don't worry about the marks. I assure you to know all the answers at the end of this course. You will be aware of your health status and start a new life that will guarantee good health and confidence and I call it Holistic Fit life - the HealthAshram lifestyle. All the best

Health Ashram - Holistic Fitness - Course and Lecture Introduction

Ready to go? Fitness matters! Fitness is your desirable right! Fitness is your achievable Goal! You will learn simple tips to maintain 1. Physical Fitness, 2. Mental Fitness and 3. Spiritual Fitness. Everything you learn here is sophisticated common sense. Be ready to appreciate small actions and decisions that you will take during and after this course. You may be surprised to learn the simplicity involved in retaining healthy body, mind and soul.

HealthAshram lifestyle will ultimately help you escape lifestyle diseases and lifetime medicines. When you make your home a HealthAshram, your chances of regular visits to a hospital is almost nil! Believe in your ability to lead a upgraded life. Don't fall into the patterns of the present world where over 50% of the world population end up getting at least one of the lifestyle diseases. Welcome my Friend to a world of Natural & Holistic fitness.

HealthAshram - Holistic Fitness - Physical Fitness - Active Life - Walking Daily

Walking sounds so simple! When a child is born parents wait anxiously to see the first step their child takes. Its celebration and joy to see children take their first step. Walking is healing and walking is essential as long as a person lives. Human body is built in such a way that simple walking adds extraordinary benefits to our body, mind and soul. Walking oxygenate our body. Walking help in digestion and take complete advantage of the food we consume. Walking is healing. Walking cleans our blood. Walking enable our body to produce happiness enzymes. Walking gives fresh positive thoughts and ideas. Walking help us live everyday! When it comes to fitness, there is no alternate to walking. So why wait? start walking everyday!

HealthAshram - Holistic Fitness - Physical Fitness - Feeding bones - Stretching

The only way to feed our bones is to move all its joints as much as possible everyday. And the best way to move all our bones and joints is to swing our hands&legs and stretch every joints regularly. While walking require a space in the nature, moving our body by swinging and stretching can be done anywhere at any time of the day. It only require a decision from us. It only require determination and dedication. As you listen to my lecture I am sure you will be inspired and motivated to be active everyday. You may be a home maker or a teacher or a business person or a student or a corporate professional; not matter what you do everyday, add these simple actions that will miraculously transform your life. Your back pain and knee pain and joint pain and swelling etc will disappear once you regularly remain active physically. All the best and welcome to HealthAshram Lifestyle and enjoy Holistic Fitness rest of your life!

HealthAshram - Holistic Fitness - Physical Fitness - Good Food for Good Health

HealthAshram - Holistic Fitness - Physical Fitness - Fitness of Internal Organs

External organs like eyes, lips, ears, nose, hair and skin get enough and more care from majority of us. Because we see them and others also see these external organs and we want to make sure that they are presentable. However often we tend to ignore the well-being of our internal organs like Brain, Bones, Lungs, Heart, Kidney, Lever and Pancreas. For a good and sustained physical fitness, we should be aware of the functioning of our internal organs. As much as we care for our external organs and appearance, we have to take care of our internal organs.

How do we take care of our brain? The answer is keeping the brain active and also by giving enough rest and importantly by feeding positive thought. Brain like any body part will remain as much as we use it. The only way to use brain is to think, learn and process the thoughts regularly. When we take care of the brain in terms of its use, often majority fail in the area of 8 hours of rest that we have to give our brain. Its important that we have a plan for our sleep every night.

How do we take care of our Heart? First, by walking everyday at least for 45 to 60 minutes. Second by mindfully choosing to eat good food.  Ask yourself this question; What do we walk? What happens when we walk? Remember! our heart is mechanical and from the time we were born till we take our last breath, our heart keep pumping blood (oxygenated blood) from the lungs to all the parts of our body through arteries. Now for this de-oxygenated blood to come back to the heart there is not mechanical heart but two manual hearts that are situated in our calf behind/below the knees. From our body the de-oxygenated blood is pumped through veins because of the functioning of these manual pumps that works only when we walk/cycle.

How do we take care of our Pancreas? By keeping a discipline in our food timings. Late night consumption of large meals cause direct harm to the pancreas. To neutralize the amount of sugar that is consumed directly or indirectly the pancreas has to release insulin. The pancreas release insulin in the late evening on a daily basis. Over consumption of food on a regular basis result in permanent damage of the pancreas. That is why we see many people taking insulin shots everyday to maintain the sugar level in our body.

Remember, your physical and mental fitness in a very large way depend on the well being of our internal organs. All the best Friend!

HealthAshram - Holistic Fitness - Physical Fitness - Good Food - Introduction

What food we eat, How much we eat, How we eat and When we eat matters when it comes to fitness and health. Food has to be mindfully and carefully chosen and consumed like medicine if not soon medicine will become food. I have come across many people taking 10 to 20 tablets everyday. Medicine for all possible lifestyle diseases.

Resolve to consume only seasonal and fresh food and as much as possible stay away from processed, preserved and packed food. The nature has already processed the dirt and soil to very tasty vegetables and nuts and fruits and grains. Unfortunately there is so much of processed food and junk food in the market that is destroying health of millions of children. Quality of food matters when it comes to fitness and health.

Quantity of food is another important point to note. As a person crosses 30 years and 40 years the intake of daily food should be reduced based on the burning capacity. Unfortunately today many consume food based on their buying capacity. Remember burning capacity is important compared to buying capacity.

HealthAshram - Holistic Fitness - Physical Fitness - Good Food - Part 1

Let's understand what constitute Good Food? Good Food are seasonal fruits, vegetables, nuts and roots and grains. Now the question is what constitute bad food? Bad food are processed, prepared, packed, fried and everything that come under the category of junk food. We eat food for energy and preserve our health and ability to live and work. Imagine if the food we eat don't add to our energy rather, they gradually destroy our physical strength and health. Unfortunately most of the processed and preserved food do not contain good nutrients rather has several harmful chemicals and oils that harm our internal organs like lever and heart and kidney. Quality of the food we consume seriously matters.

Let me share this experience of visiting my teacher. I was offered tea and some Samosas and Laddus (Both Indian snacks widely consumed by millions in most of the cities). My teacher brought a plate of sprouts with cut onions and green chilies and fresh lemon water with honey and he said both him and his wife had some serious health issues and the doctor has suggested some special menu. I quietly asked my teacher if I can also have so of the sprouts and lemon water instead of the snacks and tea. I was so close to my teacher and I took that advantage to ask for it. My teacher's wife asked me if I have any diabetes or hypertension or cholesterol etc. I told, I don't have any such diseases right now and I don't want to wait until I get some lifestyle disease before I can start Good Food!

Be wise when it comes to food. Always choose good food that are seasonal, fresh and balanced(vegetables, fruits, nuts, roots and  grains). What food we take and how much we take matters when it comes to Health and Holistic Fitness.

HealthAshram - Holistic Fitness - Physical Fitness - Good Food - Part 2

How we eat our food and when we eat our food are also very important. Food has to be consumed mindfully. Look at the food you are about to consume and see if you can trace the source of that food. Check if you are eating organic, fresh and natural food or are you consuming chemicals and preservatives and pesticides. Worst is when these natural gifts are processed with artificial colors and chemicals as part of marketing and sale.

Once you have carefully selected good food, make sure that you chew  them well before you swallow them. When you chew any food for long time, it gets half digested with the help of saliva. This process help our digestive system to further digest the food and take maximum advantage of all the nutrients in the food.

Remember not to drink water during or 30 minutes prior and after any food.

Timing of food is very important. Make sure that you have a good and balanced breakfast. Food platter concept is good, which contains 50 % of vegetables and fruits and 50% of protein and carbohydrates. Always eat fruits before other food. If you eat fruits after any meal, the fruit will float above the food and chances of fermentation and indigestion are very high.

Very important point in the timing of food is that you eat your supper before the sunset. Also remember that the dinner/ supper is very light and easy to digest food. The last meal of the day should be at least 2 hours prior to the bed time so that when you go to bed your stomach is empty and you get very good sleep.

The take home message is eat only what you can burn.

Choose food not based on your buying capacity but based on your burning capacity.

HealthAshram - Holistic Fitness - Mental Fitness

HealthAshram - Holistic Fitness - Mental Strength - Introduction

Stress and depression to certain level is common among any person. However if the stress and depression is going out of control, it can damage one's life. Anxiety and failure are triggers for stress and depression and anger and sadness are outcome of these mental temper. Anyone who aspire to lead and win should learn to calm their mind effectively. Positive thinking and complete rest to mind by sleeping are very essential for achieving this.

Often Positive thinking do not come naturally. For majority the mental wiring is such that only negative thinking rule the mind. The good news is that we can cultivate positive thinking by cautious regular practice and efforts. Positive thinking is a brace that we create to protect us from negative thinking that leads to stress and depression and anxiety and sadness etc.

Best way to cultivate positive thinking is to play with a pet. Or give bath to your pet dog. She will obviously shake off water from its body even when we give her a bath. Instead of getting upset and angry, learn to laugh it out. Once you know what is expected from a pet dog while giving her a bath, you will no longer get upset or angry when she does it. Be prepared! if you don't want to get your good clothes make sure that you wear a cloth that you don't mind getting wet and dirty during the process of bathing your pet dog. You can also predict the time of shaking and keep a safe distance from your pet dog. Same is with any other triggers that can stress you or depress you down.

Also remember, irrespective of the present mental status, everyone has to compulsorily have 8 hours of good sleep every night. When a person is healthy physically and mentally and spiritually often tend to compromise on the quality and quantity of sleep. However soon it start affecting the person in different ways. Sleep deprivation will lead to unhealthy body and mind and soul. Find time to rest and relax and it is necessary and possible.

HealthAshram - Holistic Fitness - Mental Strength Cultivation daily. Sleep well

Your happiness is your decision and its in your hands. No matter what happens around you, if you are determined to be positive, nothing in this world can shake you.

Unexpected question in an interview or exam will not put you down if you work on your mental strength. Its a process and its possible for everyone to cultivate that mental strength to be successful. No one can without any failure build a successful business. The key point is that you remain positive and strong even with things don't go your way. One exam you may fail, but the point is that you remain positive and work on the next exam. One interview you may work in your favor but the point is you go positive and confident to the next one; to the next one; to the next one. Until you make it to your self designed destiny.

Mental fitness is essential to be successful and peaceful in this world. And its in your decision whether to be happy or not to be happy. If you want to be sad there are enough and more reasons to be sad. But if you want to be happy you don't require any reason to be positive and happy!

Welcome to HealthAshram Lifestyle!

HealthAshram -Holistic Fitness -Mental Rest-8 hours of sleep-possible &necessary

HealthAshram - Holistic Fitness - Spiritual Fitness

HealthAshram - Holistic Fitness - Spiritual Fitness - 1
HealthAshram - Holistic Fitness - Spiritual Fitness - 2

Welcome to a New Lifestyle called HealthAshram Lifestyle - Be Holistically Fit!

Congratulations - HealthAshram - Holistic Fitness - Conclusion
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Productivity Hacks to Get More Done in 2018

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  2. Hide My Inbox (free chrome extension for Gmail) Stay focused by hiding your inbox. Click "show your inbox" at a scheduled time and batch processs everything one go.
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