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Health, safety and security for holistic practitioners

Support your professional training with core learning.
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Students who are studying or who are qualified holistic therapists, or other employees, will know about health and safety at work in the UK.
Students will learn about health, safety and workplace security to ensure maintaining high standards.
Students will be able to identify hazards and remedy these.
Students will know the statutory legislation to ensure health, safety and security of work areas.
Students will learn about dealing with fire, waste and other essentials in the workplace enviroment.
Students will learn about keeping safe when working alone.


There is a key component to all workplace environments, whether in a room in your own home or a separate, commercial building.  Health, safety and security is crucial to ensuring your own well-being and that of your clients and any other people who may visit your establishment. 

In the UK under common law and legal Acts and Statues an obligation is upon the business owner, employees and all to ensure they take measures to maintain safety, health and security.  In this course students learn the fundamentals to practice…

Are you taking on line holistic therapy courses and feel there are some missing pieces?  Or do you live in another country and interested in working in the UK, or maybe just interested in the UK’s health and safety system?  Well this course provides specific teaching of Health and safety in the UK for holistic therapists working in a clinic or salon but this is applicable to all UK employees.  Anyone outside the UK can still benefit and even share what health and safety is like in their home country – this course aims to assist you in improving the health and safety of your workplace wherever you are.  There course will be added to over time and updated whenever legislation and regulations are changed/amended.

What do you learn in this course?

  • Employers duties

  • The workplace

  • Risk assessment, identifying hazards, taking action

  • Accidents, incidents and injuries

  • Waste disposal

  • Lone working

What do you receive with this course?

Students will receive:

  • Life time access to the course recordings and updates

  • Support in the Q and A section of the platform

  • Supportive message available

  • Course Certification

    Students will receive a Udemy course certificate of completion.


Introduction to Health and Safety
Introduction to the course

Introduction to course


Employers duties

Employers duties

Employers duty and responsibilit

The Workplace

Work place space...
The Work place

Health and safety in the workplace

Risk assessment

Assessing risk, identifying hazards, taking action

Assessing risk; identifying hazards; taking action

Accients, injuries and incidents

Accidents, injuries and incidents part one

As responsible workers we must be aware and comply with the regulations and legislation in our workplace.  Here we go into accidents, injuries and incidents.

Would my first aid kit past the legal test?!
Fire safety
Manual handling

Waste and safe disposal

Waste and safe disposal

We create a lot of waste and here we look at the UK regulations around disposing of waste, and just a quick word about business insurance.

Lone working, remaining safe and healthy and managing personal stress.

Hazards and risks of lone working

Outro and quiz

Recap of learning and revisiting the course
Health and safety for Holistic therapists

This quiz asks questions about each module in this course.

Health and Safety self-assessment

BONUS section

BONUS section
Faq Content 1
Faq Content 2

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