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SAFent Course | An Introduction to SAF

This Course in a Nutshell

The introduction to SAF is the first step in the journey to self discovery through the holistic system researched and created by Joseph R. Scogna. This is the Level 1 pre-requisite course for anyone interested in learning how to read an SAF chain for yourself or others. We will go over the history, application, and use of the SAF system.

Course Overview

The Introduction course lays out the beginnings of SAF and how it has been used from its start to the current time! Meant to be a primer, this course sets the groundwork for the 3 directions of study you can take and knowing the basics of the system will allow you to make the next move on your path towards greater Self Knowledge. Our Institute provides the resources needed to keep the course details top-of-mind and lays out the lessons in a simple to understand format. You’ll take quizzes on material presented by reading, question and answer, and video format. Level One SAF Practitioner for Clinic Use and/or Personal Use as well as the Recruiter option for referrals, becomes available after completing this course.

Table of Contents

This course covers the following topics:

  • What is SAF
  • How to Use SAF
  • Benefits of SAF
  • The History of SAF
What Will You Learn In this Course?

This course covers the history of the SAF system, the use then and now as well as the code of ethics to follow. Successfully passing the exam following the course will open up 2 courses. The SAF Recruiter course will go over the position of sales and marketing for the Institute and the SAF Practitioner Level 1 Course. Your enrollment is manual so please allow up to 24 hours for the Recruiter and Level 1 Courses to open up.

Why SAF?

The Self Awareness Formulas, or SAF, is a base system that was designed to work for many modalities such as chiropractic, herbalism, homeopathy, reflexology, etc. Practitioners use SAF to learn about the holistic and energetic energy from the past and how to alleviate their influence in the present!

Learn about the Universe, time, and the self from the perspective of the unifying system of SAF!.

Have a look at the course below, and please enjoy!

The official SAF® training as put forth by the founder and his successors.  SAF is a most worthwhile journey because it is a study of life energy, on many levels. It teaches us how the mind works and stores events, and how long forgotten traumas and past events are affecting our behavior in the present time. Then, and only when we have understanding and clarity, can we make positive changes.

Starting Course

Questions and Answers
20 minutes

There are many questions that come up when talking about SAF®. We hope this free primer course allows you a view into the system and helps answer any questions you may have. This is the prerequisite course in order to proceed to the Level 1 SAF® training.

SAFent Quiz
14 questions

A successful passing grade of 80% opens up the courses associated with Life Energy Research and SAF.

Please message us with any issues.

Bonus Material

The Story of SAF
15 minutes

A deeper dive into the SAF® system

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Enrolled: 18 students
Duration: 1 hour
Lectures: 2
Level: Beginner


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