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There are many questions that come up when talking about SAF®. We hope this primer course allows you a view into the system and helps answer any questions you may have. This is the prerequisite course in order to proceed to the Level 1 SAF® training courses 

If you have more specific questions, you are welcome to message us directly with them. Our contact information is at the end of this lesson.

What is SAF®?
SAF® stands for Self Awareness Formulas. This is a collective work of questionnaires, health evaluations, books, computing programs, infrared use, and training materials by Joseph R. Scogna, Jr.  SAF® is a registered trademark.

SAF® has been called an enlightenment tool by some and many of those who have used the system have reported positive results when using the system on the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual levels . SAF® performs as a sorter of symptoms, known and unknown, and provides actionable remedies for the user for many different complimentary and alternative therapies.,  As the user has filled out the questionnaire, the answers presented in the resulting chain are wholly theirs.

The advanced approach of using infrared to evaluate body systems and produce an objective SAF® chain revolutionized the alternative therapy world and is a game changer for anyone needing objective results from the subject/client. It has been called the “tricorder of holistic therapy” and is a part of the SAF® system that Joe created.

How does SAF® work?
The Stress 120 Questionnaire for emotional issues or the shorter Q24 are excellent evaluations. These are subjective tests – they work on the basis of your input. It will present your viewpoint, your reality as you see it. So, there are no right or wrong answers. There is no better way to answer the questions and the results hone in on the hot issues in the person’s life at present and in the past.
The approved SAF® infrared device uses heat signatures in specific places to create a chain of numbers.

Your answers will be put into the order of priority, the SAF® chain of numbers. These numbers relate to specific organ and gland systems and emotions as mentioned above. The SAF® chain will take what you do know about yourself and help you learn what you don’t know about the causes and earlier events that created the situation you find yourself in today.

Is it necessary to have a practice to use SAF®?
With SAF® , we have our own certification process. Our training door is open to all who are interested in increasing self awareness. Our motto, Growth Through Self Knowledge, reflects this.

We encourage all readers of SAF® books and those interested in making a positive impact in their community to become certified in SAF®. Our students work with practitioners on their own cases to gain direct insight into their use and interpretation.

What types of practitioners use SAF®?
In addition to standard medicine, many certified SAF® Practitioners work in fields considered CAM or Complimentary and Alternative Medicine. Some of the wide range of fields of study that have utilized SAF include; addictions counseling, art therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, dental, energetic healing, emotional release (various), homeopathy, light therapy, marriage/couples therapy, massage and physical therapy, quantum healing, naturopathy, Nutritionists, Social work, Psychology, Sound therapy, stress management, life coaches, Reiki practitioners, massage therapy, and more.

Joe Scogna was very attuned to homeopathy and nutrition as well as physiology and physics. Several of the available books focus on natural medicine and food as a means to control the balance of the holistic body.

When did this all come about? Who is involved?

The first seminar is considered the beginning of the SAF® system which occurred in 1978. Though previous seminars and research started in 1975. Clinical use began immediately in 1978 to this day.

JOSEPH R. SCOGNA, JR. was at heart a nutritional researcher, concerned with the amount of radiation and radiant energies accosting humankind on a daily basis. What were these energies? How are we being affected? This became his quest. Joe wanted to understand Einstein so he studied what Einstein studied. He came to understand classical radiation, the principles of Light and Energy, as we see today in Quantum Physics. He developed his own brand of self-awareness based on the organ and gland systems, and developed questionnaires and infrared as the input. He developed a way for humans to understand the messages we, as electrical beings, are receiving. Our DNA-RNA structures are infused with the Intention, Thought, and Desire to achieve balance. Joe was a prolific writer, a man on a mission to accomplish all he could in a short span of time. His work encompasses the darkest challenges we face, but also the hope and methods necessary for our transformation. KATHY M. SCOGNA and Joe Scogna married in 1975. Side by side, she worked as typist, editor, helped practitioners at seminars, produced ads, and wrote books. After Joe’s death in 1989, she focused on raising her five children. During that time, she penned six history books and received two awards from the state of Pennsylvania. The reconstruction of Joe’s Life Energy work and the SAF® method began in 1999 when the first web site,, was created by her son, Jezra. The phone started ringing and has not stopped. Every year new Practitioners are finding the holistic wellness system that Joe had been teaching. Kathy infused the work with new life and vitality. She oversaw the publishing of books and manuscripts, updated the computing programs into a dynamic, very usable online service that incorporates questionnaires and the infrared for input. She ushered in a rebirth of Joe’s innovative ideas in energetic healing. Kathy served as Director until her retirement in 2019. Her children are now actively helping spread the word about this incredible legacy, which now reaches a new generation of practitioner and student. 

How is SAF® different from other methods of self awareness?
This is an enlightening system of thought, a tool to help us find and understand past traumas, and how these might still be affecting us in the present. SAF® can rapidly pinpoint when a trauma occurred in our life, as well as the nature of the event.

How can SAF® find our traumas?
This method defines certain organ and gland systems, which hold recordings of what has happened to us in the recent and distant past. Everything is recorded – specific emotions, conditions, and actions. When we identify which organs are stressed the most, this will tell us what emotions need to be processed.

From there, we can discover what “code” was created from the time of childhood. These codes may have been effective as children but as we grew older, the emotions and actions that once helped us survive in our family became obsolete. These are often impediments to us as adults when we try to forge new relationships at work and at home.

For this reason, it’s absolutely essential to become aware of our past codes and patterns. In the future, you may find yourself in a similar situation, but after working with SAF® you’ll be able to say, “Hey, wait a minute, this isn’t working for me anymore.” “Been there, done that.” You spotted a behavior pattern before it became a problem.

With SAF® , we can learn to unravel the confusion of our past and put the puzzling pieces back together so these make sense.

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